Excel - Basic Level

Microsoft Excel

About training

Workshop on using Excel at work in various areas: finance, processes, logistics, sales with taking into account the specificity of the functional area or/and industry.

Basic Level, 2 Days.

Detailed scope of workshop

General information about the spreadsheet (Excel) and its capabilities

Basic views and terms; rules for filling cells

Navigating the workbook ("file") and sheets using the mouse and keyboard

Use of mouse and keyboard - rules, differences, relevant keyboard shortcuts

Formula and function as basic tools used in calculations and analyzes

Rules for copying and transferring data

Building simple formulas and functions using tables

Basics of data presentation and formatting

Work with tables

Relative and absolute cell references

Rules for quick cell filling

More basic functions; IF function

Date and time - basic information

Conditional formatting

Charts - types, rules

Work with several sheets and workbooks

Printing principles

Data protection

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